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New aerial views of Vesuvio

Left: Vesuvio seen from NW, early 1990's. The 1944 lava flows and hot avalanche deposits are still well discernible (due to lack of significant vegetation). Monte Somma is to the left. In the foreground, at bottom of image, a cluster of buildings is visible, this is the Osservatorio Vesuviano and neighboring tourist facilities. The densely forested Colle Umberto, a lava shield formed in 1895-1899, looms above the buildings. Gif image, 360 k (click here for a 50 k JPG (much lower quality, though)

Right: Vesuvio from the air, probably in 1995. View is towards NNE. Note vegetation on the cone and towns in the background. Vegetation is even beginning to conquer the crater itself: there are small trees growing within the impressive pit and on the rim there is a (still discontinuous) cover of grass.. Gif image, 480 k (click here for a 50 k JPG (much lower quality, though)

Both photos are copyright Editore Vincenzo Carcavallo, Napoli, Italia.