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Since our message to Volcano Listserv in late February 1996, many specialists of Vesuvio have responded and sent contributions. Valuable information has been supplied by Benedetto de Vivo (University of Napoli), Francesca Bianco (Osservatorio Vesuviano), and Roberto Scandone (Terza Universita di Roma). Due to the sometimes slow procedures of conversion from differing formats, it may take some time until the submitted information appears on these pages.

Neither Mike nor Boris have participated in any of the work on which these pages heavily rely, although one of us (Boris) has been at the volcano a number of times. The summary presented here is based on the work of many scientists that has led to a much more profound knowledge of the volcano and its dynamics in recent years. These persons should be acknowledged in first place while the only credit that goes to myself is for presenting Vesuvio for the first time comprehensively on the WWW.

For even better quality of these pages, every volcanologist familiar with Vesuvio is invited to contribute to them. If these pages are incomplete or contain significant errors, please don't hesitate to inform me.

With time, we would like the Vesuvio Decade Volcano Pages to become a result of the contributions of many rather than only two persons. They could also serve as a forum for discussion as some subjects concerning Vesuvio are still controversial. We would very much enjoy to see this become a Decade Volcano Page of equal accuracy as those on other Decade Volcanoes, such as Santa Maria/Santiaguito (Guatemala), Mauna Loa (Hawaii) and Sakurajima and Unzen (Japan).

If you have comments or contributions, please send an e-mail to
Boris Behncke or Mike Dolan

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