Akutan Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Update 008

Alaska Volcano Observatory Update
Tuesday, March 19, 1996 5:00 pm AST (0200 UTC)

Level Of Concern Color Code: ORANGE

Significant seismicity continues near Akutan volcano. No eruption has occurred. The number of earthquakes presently being recorded is similar to yesterday and remains well above background. AVO scientists in Akutan report feeling only a few earthquakes last night. Poor visibility in the area continues to hamper visual observations. Our Level of Concern Color Code remains ORANGE indicating an eruption is possible at any time within the next few days. Good progress is being made in deploying additional instruments which will significantly improve our ability to measure and interpret the ongoing seismicity. Data analysis has not yet progressed far enough to give definitive information. The Level of Concern Color Code ORANGE will remain in place until the seismicity changes significantly or additional data permit a reassessment of the level of unrest.

The following scenarios are considered possible:

  1. Earthquake activity diminishes and no eruption occurs
  2. Eruption of a lava flow from a vent on the flank or within the summit caldera, accompanied by ash plumes and explosions
  3. Significant, explosive eruption producing ash plumes to altitudes of 30,000' ASL or higher.

AVO is closely monitoring the situation. Further updates will be issued as information becomes available. Recordings of current information are available by calling 907-786-7478. Additionally, information on the Akutan situation is available on the Internet at: http://www.avo.alaska.edu/


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