Alaska Volcano Observatory

Level Of Concern Color Code: Akutan Volcano

To more concisely describe our level of concern about possible or ongoing eruptive activity at Akutan volcano, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) is using the following color-coded classification system. Definitions of the colors reflect AVO's interpretations of the behavior of the volcano. Definitions are listed below followed by general descriptions of typical activity associated with each color.

GREEN: Volcano is in its normal "dormant" state.

YELLOW: Volcano is restless.

Possible precursor volcanic activity is occurring (describe activity, i.e., increased seismicity, anomalous steam plume). An eruption (explosive or non-explosive) is possible over the next few weeks and may occur with little or no additional warning.

ORANGE: Explosive (or non-explosive) eruption is possible within a few days.

Strong increase in precursor activity (describe activity, i.e., increased seismicity). Explosive eruption may occur with little or no additional warning.

RED: Major explosive eruption is in progress or expected within 24 hours.

Explosive eruption is confirmed or expected shortly (describe briefly precursor activity or eruption conditions). Potentially hazardous ash plume to 25,000 feet ASL or more is expected or has been confirmed.