Date:         Mon, 8 May 1995 07:48:23 MST
From: Francois Le Guern 
Subject:      Capo Verde

Requested by the government of Capo Verde a mission has been organized by
the french embassy in Praia and the Ministere de l' Environnement in Paris.
F. Le Guern observed the Caldera April 25 to 27 observing the activity day
and night. Few fontaining of red incandescent scoriae to 50m over the
crater happened 5 to 10times day followed by quite periods. sometimes
explosions with  black ashes or transparent broun or blue haze occur
lasting few tens of minutes. Lava  output was evaluated to one million
cubic meter per day on the 26 April with a lava front 300m large,
decreasing by 10 to 15% the following days. On the 27 lava advanced less
than half a meter per hour. No dangerr for people living or working in the
caldera if they keep far from the active vent and lava flows flank. An
official complementary report is in course
F. Le Guern