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Our Purpose:

A primary focus of volcanology is to provide scientific and educational information that can lead to hazard mitigation. Michigan Tech's Volcanoes Page aims to provide information about volcanoes to the public and to complement other informational sites on the web. We started this site more than 20 years ago, when there were almost no other volcano sites--now there are lots, and many of them have far more resources. So we now aim to fill in spots that aren't covered elsewhere. Send your suggestions!

What is a volcano?

We could say a volcano is a liquid rock plumbing system which extends from several 10's of kilometers depth to the earth's surface, and includes the near vent deposits of eruptions. Is this a good definition? Is this a volcano? How about this? Or this? Or this?

Make Lava, Not War

Earth's Volcanoes

What's happening now? --Smithsonian Institution/ USGS

Which are earth's active volcanoes?--Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Network

Volcanoes of the World---Live

Volcanoes of the world--Webcams

Volcano Discovery--Tom Pfeiffer

How Volcanoes Work --NASA SDSU

Active Volcano Map

US Active Volcanoes---USGS-CVO

Volcanoes of Canada--Volcano Discovery

Cascade Volcano Web Cams

Webcams of Italian Volcanoes--INGV Catania

The Nature of Volcanoes

Earth's Atmosphere and Volcanoes Science News

Volcano World individual volcano links—VW-OregonSt

Annenberg Volcano Learner

Volcanic Hazards Mitigation

Volcanic Cloud Hazards to Aviation - This page aims to provide information about how volcanic ash clouds affect aircraft, and how to avoid this hazard.

IAVCEI web site Safety at volcanoes is a major concern--before you go to a volcano, read the safety recommendations from IAVCEI!

VOGRIPA website  UK Hazards effort BGS

VHub: Volcano Information exchange for scientists

Global Volcanic Model (GVN)

Granular Volcano Group Sebastien Dartevelle's work.

Dual Graduate degrees in Volcanology--get an advanced degree which speaks to more of the world.

Peace Corps Master's program in Mitigation of Geological Natural Hazards--first program of its kind, and a way to combine an MS degree with real experience on the rim of fire.

IVHHN International Volcanic Health Hazard Network

Simulating a volcanic crisis in the classroom--Colgate Univ

GVES Vesuvius, The Making of a Catastrophe

Central American Volcanoes

Open Vent volcanoes of Guatemala  Guatemala may be one of the very best field sites for volcanologists who want to study how volcanoes work.  This web section shows why this is true.

Carr's Web--Rutgers University An introduction of Central American Volcanoes for researchers.

Honduras Geology--great resource from Rob Rogers, California Stanislaus

Ceren Web Resource--Joya de Ceren, El Salvador Univ Colorado--Payson Sheets

Salvadoran Volcanoes--SNET, El Salvador

Guatemalan Volcanoes--INSIVUMEH-Guatemala

Volcanoes of Nicaragua--INETER-Nicaragua

Volcanic Hazards Assessments USGS USGS-CVO


Remote Sensing of Volcanoes

Natural Hazards from Space--NASA Earth Observatory site

Remote Sensing using Weather Satellites—UW Madison

Sensor Webs-JPL Site

Volcarno--Simon Carn’s website

Hotspots--Univ Hawaii

Remote Sensing in Natural Hazards--Univ of Washington

Remote Sensing and Hazard Mitigation in Pacific Latin AmericaMichigan Tech Univ and NSF PIRE

Misc Websites of interest

Links to items related to volcanoes, including observatories, universities with volcano research and other items of interest to volcanophiles.

Ashfall--a free online graduate class in Volcanology

How Volcanoes Work, SDSU site

PBS Nova program about Galeras and Long period seismic warnings

Foreign Volcano Maps--USGS CVO

Erta Ale from Stromboli

Volcano Songs!

        Univ Kentucky GLY 110 site

        It’s a volcano! Ron Brown

        Volcanoes lava and magma music

        Volcanoes: Songs and Photos

Volcanoes on Stamps

Volcano Folklore

Volcano Art

Making Music with a volcano

Paintings of Volcanoes

Geology Degrees 105 websites that rock

Volcanic Humor

A lighter side to living with volcanoes.

Volcano Funnies

Volcano Jokes

How to cook with lava

Jocelyn's Volcano Joke

Volcano Cake

Information for future volcanologists--Jessica Ball-AGU Blog

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