Subsurface Visualization Lab

Michigan Technological University

Department of Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences

GE3320 Earth History
Instructor: Dr. J. R. Wood
Fall 2006

Powerpoint Downloads:

Lecture 1 (4.8 MB)
Lecture 2 (6.5 MB)
Lecture 2 Giants of Geology (574 KB)
Lecture 3 (4.7 MB)
Lecture 4 (8.1 MB)
Lecture 5 (4.8 MB)
Lecture 6 (7.1 MB)
Lecture 7 (8.6 MB)
Lecture 8 (11 MB)

Seafloor Spreading (Plate Tectonics The Unifying Theory) (3.8 MB)

Miscellaneous Files:

The DOL Geologic Ages of Earth History
Earth History I (12.9 MB)
Earth History II (3.6 MB)
Earth History Syllabus
Giants of Geology
Geologic Time Scale

Scotese Files:

Scotese Files in a WinZip File (23 MB)


Peak Oil: The Looming Energy Crisis (7.5 MB)

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