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Michigan Tech Seismic Un*x book errata and FAQ

Michigan Tech maintains the site for posting of errata and frequently-asked-questions, or faq, associated with the book "Seismic Data Processing With Seismic Un*x" for the benefit of our readers. If you know of errors that should be reported here, please send them to <wayne@mtu.edu>. Remember that questions and suggestions about Seismic Un*x itself should be directed to the Colorado School of Mines SU website http://www.cwp.mines.edu/cwpcodes/ .

Seismic Data Processing with Seismic Un*x

A 2D Seismic Data Processing Primer

David Forel, Thomas Benz, Wayne D. Pennington


none known at this time.

FAQ -- frequently asked questions

Question: Where can I get the code for Seismic Un*x and install it on my own machine? Why isn't the code provided with the book?

Answer: You can get the code to run Seismic Un*x from http://www.cwp.mines.edu/cwpcodes/ along with the legal documentation, help files, and other associated information. Seismic Un*x is written and maintained by the Center for Wave Phenomena at the Colorado School of Mines; if we put a copy of the code on the disc, it would already be out of date, because CWP is continually updating and improving the program. You should generally be using the most recent version, not necessarily the version we used to create the book.

Question: I have tried to load data already in SU format (perhaps from the CDs provided in the book), but received an error that reads something like this: "fgettr.c: unable to handle 64256 > 32768 samples per trace". What is the problem?

Answer: You may be trying to load data created for "big-endian" machines on a computer that uses "little-endian" arrangements of bits internally (or the other way around). The usual solution is to use "suswapbytes" to switch the nature of the binary words. See comments in section 3.3.2 (page 3-3) of the book for more details. The data sets we provided with the book are in "big-endian" format.

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