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Seismic Data Processing with Seismic Un*x

A new book, "Seismic Data Processing with Seismic Un*x" has been published by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and can be purchased through http://eseg.org/bookmart/. The authors are David Forel, Thomas Benz, and Wayne Pennington. We encourage the use of this book for instruction in seismic processing, and welcome reports of errata and frequently-asked-questions (faq), which we will publish in the link http://www.geo.mtu.edu/spot/SUPrimer/errata/ as they become available. All author royalties are being donated to the SEG student chapter at Michigan Tech.

Seismic Data Processing with Seismic Un*x

Seismic Data Set Directory


MTU co-author David Forel (right) with Dr. John Stockwell (left), Colorado School of Mines. They are at the 2005 SEG Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas. Dr. Stockwell develops and maintains Seismic Un*x at CSM's Center for Wave Phenomena.

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