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(Seismic Petrophysics: Observation & Theory)

Crosswell Seismic Amplitude-Versus-Offset for Detailed Imaging of Facies and Fluid Distribution within Carbonate Oil Reservoirs

DOE Award No.
Oct 2004 - Sep 2007
Project Summary [473kb] Annual Report
October 2005
Mid-year Report
May 2006
  Annual Report
October 2006

Calibration and Testing of Sonic Stimulation Technologies
DOE Award No.
2002 - 2004
Project Summary [473kb] Final Report

The Calibration of Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization
DOE Award No.
October, 1998 - September, 2002
Final Report
Final Summary

Earthquake Seismology for K-12
SEG Foundation
April, 1999 - December, 2000
Project Summary Poster Presentation for IRIS 1999 [951kb] UPSeis
Recent Seismograms Presentation for SEG 2000 [349kb] Current Seismograph Display

Learning Reflection Seismology

Seismic Data Processing with Seismic Un*x Seismic Data Set Directory

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