Michigan Technological University SPOT Dept. of Geological Engineering & Sciences
(Seismic Petrophysics: Observation & Theory)

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 Director:  Dr. Wayne D. Pennington
   Professor of Geophysical Engineering

Dr. Pennington coined the term Seismic Petrophysics in an article published in The Leading Edge. The work performed in the SPOT Lab is largely centered on this subject.

Graduate Students Associated Investigators
Joshua Richardson (MS Candidate)
David Forel
(PhD Candidate)
Roger M. Turpening (Research Professor)
James R. Wood (Professor of Geology)
Jacqueline E. Huntoon (Professor of Geology)

Recent Graduates


Sean Trisch (MS)
Aaron Green (MS)
Anastasia Minaeva (MS)
Horacio Acevedo (MS)
Sean Wagner (MS)
Terra E. (Lutch) Bulloch (MS)
Thomas Benz (MS)
Josh Haataja (ME)
Shawn Len (MS)
Dan Brugeman (ME)
Shannon Bair (BS)
Seth Lemke (BS)

Allison Hein, Research Engineer/Sci.
Carol Asiala, Asst Research Sci/Engineer.

(Anastasia Minaeva, Sean Wagner, Deyi Xie, Horatio Acevedo)

(Dr. Wayne Pennington and Anastasia Minaeva)

Dr. Wayne Pennington\ Wayne@mtu.edu
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