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Welcome to the home page for SPOT -- Seismic Petrophysics: Observation and Theory -- at Michigan Technological University. SPOT refers to the people, the laboratory, the computers, the publications, and the projects associated with Seismology, Petrophysics, and their union: Seismic Petrophysics.

We specialize in the physics of seismic observations: why it is that a set of rock properties will produce a certain character of seismic response in reflection seismic observations, and why it is that seismic events can be triggered by changes in formation properties, such as fluid pressure. We also specialize in outreach, using earthquake seismology to teach geology and physics to students in middle and high school, and teaching college students the principles of interpretation of integrated (geophysical, geological, and engineering) data sets for reservoir characterization.

The SPOT efforts are led by Wayne D. Pennington, Professor of Geophysical Engineering in the Department of Geological Engineering and Sciences. The links on this and other pages can take you to details of the personnel, their publications, the laboratory, and to the projects underway by the SPOT group.

[The figure below shows the time structure of a single horizon in the public-domain Stratton seismic data set. The coloring draped over the time structure corresponds to the amplitude of the reflection.]

Dr. Wayne Pennington\ Wayne@mtu.edu
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