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Central Americaecuador

A little help of where these places are.
(These are the current countries that are offered through the Peace Corps MIP in Natural Geologic Hazards at Michigan Tech)

For those who don't speak Spanish or who need more technical Spanish Vocabulary
   This page is for general Spanish learning (Thanks John)

Geologic Terms in Spanish    This has been helpful to me for learning to speak Geology in Spanish (Thanks Bill)

Bouldering in Malibu
Heavy rains caused this boulder to fall onto this roadway in Malibu, CA on January 10, 2005.
(I hope the Ecalade didn't get scratched)

The Countries:                                                                                                                        


US Embassy to Guatemala  Looking for information on travelling to Guatemala?  The US Embassy provides useful travel information.

ReliefWeb ReliefWeb is a great source for general humanitarian documents.  On this page there are links to all sorts of information about the country such as: development, economy, politics, disaster history, climate, etc....  This site is a good start for anyone who wants to get an overview for these counties.                                                            
Volcanoes of Guatemala  Lanslides such as lahars occur on the slopes of volcanoes.  Take a look at what the USGS has to show about some of the volcanoes in Guatemala.

Guatemala's Weather Provided by the Instituto Nacional De Sismología, Vulcanogía, Meteorología E Hidrología. (En Español)

El Salvador

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Embassy of the United States in El Salvador  See what the US and El Salvador have been doing together and much more.

ReliefWeb  A great source for general information on El Salvador.

Need some Geo Info?  Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territorales (SNET) is like the USGS.  Careful!  This site is in Spanish.

Areas of current mitigation projects and montoring
 This site is from SNET and has links to their current projects in the landslide hazard world.  (In Spanish)
Hurricane Mitch  Hurricane Mitch devastated many Latin American countries in 1998.  Landslides triggered by the intense rainfall were responsible for some the damage done.  This site looks the help provided by USAIDfor the countries affected by Hurricane Mitch.

The Latest seismic activity in El Salvador
 The latest seismic activity is shown on this site for El Salvador.  Since Earthquakes are one type of trigger for landslides, this is good to check.

Volcanoes of El Salvador  A bit of information on some of the volcanoes of El Salvador from the USGS.

Weather provided by SNET
 Look here for current weather conditions for various cities in El Salvador.  (En Español)


US Embassy in Nicaragua  Look for current US and Nicaragua issues and travel information regarding Visas and passports.

ReliefWeb  A great source for general information on Nicaragua.

Hurricane Mitch Causes Landslide at Casita Volcano
 This report by the USGS studies the landslide that occurred on October 30, 1998 caused by the intense rainfall from Hurricane Mitch.

Current areas of mitigation and monitoring,  More areas of mitigation and monitoring  These sites give the current sites where landslides have been identified or where a potential landslide risk has been identified in Nicaragua.

Volcanoes of Nicaragua  Information provided by the USGS on the volcanoes of Nicaragua.

Weather map of Nicaragua  Provided by INETER (En Español)


US Embassy to Ecuador  Of the four links on this page to US embassies, this one is the best.  This site has more to talk about US and Ecuador news.

ReliefWeb  A great source for general information on Ecuador

Volcanoes of Ecuador
 Information provided by the USGS on the volcanoes of Ecuador.  

Current Weather in Ecuador  Temperatures vary quite a bit in Ecuador with all of that topography.  Provided by Weather Underground.

Weather in various areas of Ecuador  Provided by INAMHI.   Patience. This site is a bit slow.  (En Español)

Other Landslide Links                                                                                                           

USGS Landslides  Of Course we can't look at landslides without checking the USGS and see what they have to offer.  

Debris Avalanches and Volcanic Landslides (USGS)
 Additional info provided by the USGS.

Hurrican Mitch Landslide Inventory project (USGS)  Hurricane Mitch was a very damaging phenomenon and has since received much attention.

Current World Seismicity
 This USGS site shows the current seismic activity and the most recent large earthquakes throughout the world.  I found this site to be really helpful in looking for news reports on landslides.

LaHusen/Reid GPS Landslide Deformation Monitoring (AGU Poster)
  This is a successful method for an automated GPS system for near real-time monitoring of remote geohazards.

GIS and Its Application to The Geological Sciences
 A Masters student of Michigan Tech's Geology program built this page on how to use GIS in Geology.  Although it is directed to Michigan Tech students, the ideas, mnethods and concepts are applicable for anyone.
Landslide Causal Factors and Landslide Remediatial Options  (PDF)  This is an interesting report done by the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  Take a gander at this one for mitigation ideas.

Mass Movements  This is a good site for general knowledge on mass movements with diagrams and pictures.

Geoengineering resource  Built by a PhD student at Berkley, this site provides resources for people of all different types of Geotechnical engineering.  If you need an engineering perspective for landlides, check this site out.  (Thanks Stan)

International Centre for Geohazards  This site comes out of Norway.  I'm a big fan of this site.  There is a lot of information on all types of landslides.  (Thanks Stan)

Image of the landslide that ravaged La Conchita, CA on January 2005
Photograph by R.L. Schuster, U.S. Geological Survey.

Miscellaneous Links                                                                                        

United Nations Cartographic Section
 This site has a great selection of maps of any country/region in the world.  So if you are looking for a bit of info on where cities are located, check this awesome site out.  (Thanks Gregg)

CIA - The World Factbook  Created by the CIA, you can look up any country for information on the particular country.  Geography, the people, the government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues are covered in a well laid format on this site.  It's a great start when looking to travel to a country and you want to know a little more about it.

Land and Water Develpment Division, TERRASTAT This great site gives general information on the land use and resources about countries in South and Central America.  Explore the other cool stuff that the site has to offer.

Deforestation Hotspots in Central America , Deforestation Hotspots in South America  These sites, provided by the TREES Project, show the areas of intense deforestation in Central and South America.  For those interested in landslides these regions are more suceptible to landslides because of the lack of vegetation to stabilize slopes.  These places are not necessarily going to be near heavily populated areas so the damage would be minimal.

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