Landslides...One of the most widely spread geologic hazards in the World.

This page focuses on potentially useful links for those particularly interested in landslides and in Latin America.  The four countries that have been selected are El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ecuador.  Additional links have been added for general landslide information and geotechnical engineering.  Scroll down for the link to landslides and landslides in these countries.

Las Colinas Landslide
Las Colinas Landslide, El Salvador, Feb 2003

My name is York Lewis and I am a Masters International Student with the Peace Corps and Michigan Technological University. My academic interests are in the assessment and mitigation of landslide hazards in the third world.  This website was designed to provide resources for me and future Peace Corps Master International students interested in landslides.  Even if you are not in the Peace Corps and have interest in landslides come and see what I have to offer.  Save yourself the time of spending hours on your favorite search engine looking up information on landslides and check this site out first.

Links to Landslides in Latin America

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During the first two and a half weeks of March 2005, I went to Guatemala as a Field Assistant to Dr. Jimmy Diehl.  We did a paleomagnetic study on the lava flows of Santa Maria Volcano.   Here are a couple of movies from the erupting Caliente dome of the Santiaguito complex that grows on the flank of the Santa Maria dome.  This puppy would go off every hour on the half hour.  Enjoy these 15 second Quicktime movies.

Santiaguito Eruption 1
Santiaguito Eruption 2
Santiaguito Eruption 3