Human Subjects


A womens Community Forest User Group in Nepal, Photo by Smriti Dahal (Summer 2006).



When working with Human Subjects, you must have approval from your universitys internal review board.  This is for your own protection, but mostly for the protection of your subjects. 


Important things to remember:


Before beginning you should begin with a statement explaining your research and how it will be used.  Then you should follow with a statement similar to this:


We appreciate your willingness to participate in our research.  Although we won't be asking very sensitive questions, all of your statements and answers will be confidential.  Your name will never be associated with anything that you tell us.  Your answers will be used solely for research purposes.


Although I'll be taking notes as we talk, it helps us to have a complete record of what you say if I can also tape record our conversation.  Are you comfortable with this?


Here is Michigan Techs  Human Subjects Review Board  website with additional information:


Michigan Techs training recommendations: