DEM Differencing/Error Procedures - Appendix

My M.S. thesis used Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to calculate volume and elevation change at Santiaguito and Pacaya volcanoes in Guatemala. This appendix will show how the DEM differencing and errors were processed using ArcGIS 9.0.  Please note that instructions may vary slightly using different versions of ArcGIS, but many of the same tools should be present.  This website will serve to facilitate future analysis of DEMs. I have provided step-by-step instructions for the creation, differencing, and error analysis of the DEMs.  For future analysis, the user should have a working knowledge of understanding and using ArcGIS.  The copyright information for ESRI screenshots is located here.

I.  Background of Datasets:

    a. 1954 DEM creation

    b. 2001 DEM creation

II. DEM Differencing

III. Error Analysis

IV. Conclusions and Final Thoughts

V.  References

VI. Additional Information (Kriging) (this was not used in the final analysis, but the steps are still presented here, in case they need to be used in the future.)