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Michigan Tech Geology Department

Here you will find information about MTU’s Geology Department, along with other cool links.  I recommend checking out the “Field Trips and Courses” link on this site.

Related Links

Here are some fun links...


Remote Sensing For Hazards (MTU)

This is the program that I am involved in for my master’s project.


Alaska Satellite Facility

The Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF), located in Fairbanks, has a really great site geared towards synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data.


MTU Hazard and Resource Watch

MTU research project updates concerning hazards and resources.



Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) webpage.


Earth as Art

“View the earth through the eyes of the Landsat-7 Satellite”

Essa Gross’s Web Page

Essa developed a manual pumping test method for wells outfitted with a rope pump while working on her master’s degree in the Peace Corp in Nicaragua. I employed her methods to evaluate my lineament analysis technique. Her method has potential to greatly increase knowledge about aquifers and aid with watershed protection in developing countries.