The Instituto Geofisico in Ecuador is the leading organization that monitors and works with the volcanoes in the country.  The institute is part of the Escuela Politecnica National. The institute is working on getting a new Fourier Transform Infrared Spectromoter for volcanic gas monitoring.

Saraguro- The Belotes spent their peace corps time in Saraguro, and have since worked with the people and community as anthropologists.  This site gives an interesting perspective on the people of this one community in Ecuador.

Study of Ecuador gives information on population, geography, history and people.

daily news, El Comercio, in Ecuador is available here.

In January, 2006, the
Cities on Volcanoes 2006 conference will be held in Quito.  The conference will focus on community planning for areas that face volcanic hazards, much like the work that I will be doing in the Peace Corps. 

Non Government Organizations are often the tie between the peace corps and the country of service. 
This site gives a good list of NGOs in Ecuador and what they do. 

Some good
climate information is available here for Quito, Esmeraldas, and Machala.

Here is another good collection of
links pertinent to Ecuadorian volcanoes.

The MI program here at Tech in forestry has been around for a while, and many students have made
informational websites about useful design strategies for use in developing countries.

You are also welcome to visit
Essa Gross's sweet web page, and learn some cool things about Nicaragua and her water project.

Check out other geohazards MI studentsí web pages:

York Lewis
John Lyons