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So, I have a little fetish for microbreweries, thus my inspiration for creating this page.  I've really only been to a few of these breweries, but I have tasted many from all around the USA.  Of the ones I have been to, Coastal Extreme Brewing Company (makers of Newport Storm) in Rhode Island, Keweenaw Brewing Company (KBC) in Houghton, MI and the Library, also in Houghton.



   Coastal Extreme Brewing Co.  was the first micro I had visited and this was while I was a student at URI.  Always one of my favorite beers to drink to and offering free brewery tours every Friday evening.  Along with the free tour is free beer; when I went it was 4 pints per visit, 5 if you went on the tour (you didn't have to go on the tour to get free beer, you can go and hang out in a storage room and drink there where they have their own little beer bar).  The tour is great since you walk around the equipment (each piece named after an investor), get that other free pint, and the owners who give the tour are pretty fun guys.  Proceeding the tour you can hang out a little longer in the storage area.  After that, you could go to downtown Newport and enjoy the rest of the night.  Tough though since the brewery is not walking distance to any thing else fun.  BUT, a great place none-the-less.

    The Library is just a restaurant, but with excellent beer.  In a Michigan beer competition they won 3 medals, though I forget which for.  One night we went there after a softball game, and to celebrate their medals, they had free cake for all customers.  My favorite is the Stout, but the others are good too.  The food is also pretty tasty.  I don't really know much about the owners/brewers, but I'm sure they're good folk.


    Best for last.  The KBC, in Houghton, MI isn't just good beer, it's good beer at a great price, which makes it great beer.  Well, it's actually great beer anyways.  Again, being a fan of the darker varieties, I love the Porter and Stout here.  They don't give tours or serve food, but they do have a book of menus from restaurants in the area and they allow you to bring in your own food or have food delivered to you.   Where to eat it?  Well the place is full of tables and stools, a couple TVs and local art work for sale.  And peanuts all over the place.  There's also root beer for the younglings.  The staff is great and although I applied and was never contacted back (a bit bitter 'bout that), I always enjoy stopping by for a drink or four.  The place closes earlier than the bars, which is fine since the other bars sell KBC as well.

    Recently, they just opened another side, this one with out smoking, which is such a relief because there are very few places in Houghton that are smoke-free.  This side also has cozy couches and a warm fireplace.  Oh, and the business that used to be in this spot was a Christian book store....

I have been to other micros, but have not experienced them enough to really write about them.  So I love micros and the beer they make.  'nough said.


Last updated:   2005-11-30