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Oct 30, 2007: Seasonal water level changes in Nicaraguan reservoir
Seasonal fluctuations in a water-reservoir near Teustepe, Nicaragua, are detectable using change detection between two RADARSAT-1 images. One scene was obtained during the wet season (displayed in green), while the other scene was obtained during the dry season (displayed in red).
- Submitted by Jill Bruning

Oct 15-16, 2007: MTU attends PIRE meeting in Washington, DC
On October 15-16, Professor John Gierke and grad student Anna Colvin represented MTU at the annual PIRE meeting at the National Science Foundation in Washington DC. The RS4Hazards project is funded by NFS's Partherships for International Research and Education (PIRE) in the Ofiice of International Science and Engineering (OISE).
- Submitted by Anna Colvin

Aug 13, 2007: Increasing activity at Turrialba volcano yet to be detected in ASTER
OVSICORI has reported over the last several months that new fumaroles and fissures have appeared at Turrialba volcano, in central Costa Rica, possibly signaling future eruptive activity.  ASTER visible and thermal imagery recently analyzed by MTU (and shared with OVSICORI) shows no clear sign of this activity, indicating that the observed surface changes are not yet of sufficient extent or intensity to be detected in 15-90 m satellite imagery.

- Turrialba ASTER

July 15, 2007: Univ. Puerto Rico intern improves video monitoring at Santiaguito volcano
In June and July, Edrick Ramos from University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez - at MTU as a summer intern - worked at the Santiaguito volcano observatory with INSIVUMEH and Adam Blankenbicker, an MTU Master's International-Peace Corps student.  They improved a system for video monitoring and analysis of the persistent (1-2 per hour) explosive eruptions.

- Example eruption video (5x speed)
- More pictures of Edrick and MTU students

July 12, 2007: MTU contributes to El Salvador volcano monitoring
In June and July, MTU volcanologists visited three volcanoes with Salvadoran colleagues from SNET. The primary focus was Santa Ana volcano, which erupted in Oct. 2005.  

Reports submitted to Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program (in progress):
- Santa Ana volcano report
- Izalco volcano report
- San Miguel volcano report
July 01, 2007: MTU gives remote sensing workshops in Costa Rica and El Salvador
MTU (Dr. Bill Rose, Anna Colvin, Tricia Nadeau, Matt Patrick) gave a 2-day workshop on "Remote sensing of volcanoes" to 20 scientists at Univ. Costa Rica, and later gave two smaller workshops at Univ. El Salvador and SNET (El Salvador's geological agency).  

- Movie: Univ. Costa Rica workshop (6 Mb)

June 10, 2007: ASTER tracks invasive aquatic plants in El Salvador
ASTER data processed by MTU show the extent of 'ninfa', an invasive aquatic plant choking Lake Olomega, in eastern El Salvador.

- NASA Earth Observatory feature

Jan 26, 2007: Santiaguito's persistent dome building - the view from ASTER

This ASTER image from Jan 10, 2007, shows a red 'hotspot' on the summit of the growing lava dome on Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala.

- Larger-scale ASTER image
- Photograph of dome taken a few hours before this ASTER acquisition

Jan 16, 2007: MTU contributes to Guatemala volcano monitoring
In Jan. 2007 MTU joined several other US universities for a field campaign to study the persistent explosive activity at Santiaguito volcano.  The MTU component included a thermal video camera (FLIR), a UV camera for measuring sulfur dioxide, and conventional video equipment.  

Jan 10, 2007:Aqua Terra Tech Enterprise students use geophysical methods to
characterize aquifers in Nicaragua

A group of five MTU Aqua Terra Tech Enterprise undergraduate students traveled to Boaco, Nicaragua to perform Very Low Frequency (VLF) Electromagnetic and Electrical Resistivity surveys to gain understanding of subsurface geological structure and aquifer characteristics.

Archive: 2006 Hazard Watcher's Reports

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