Faculty & Staff & Student Hockey Game

Some of the highlights:

1) Genny Gierke got two goals for the faculty. Her father got his only
goal ON the faculty (he found it too hard to score on the student goalie).

2) Jon Pittis, 4-year letter winner on the MTU hockey team, has switched
his major to geology, or at least he must have because he was playing for
the "student" side.

3) Jeremy Shannon broke the record for most falls in a single hockey game:

4) Frank Janiszewski, Katrina Settles, and Kirstin Burns were voted best
announcers by the students' fans and worst by the faculty fans. Both
votes were unanimous.

5) Paul and Nathalie got in a totally surprise fight with each other.

6) Gerard Czarnecki fought himself, and lost.

7) The Dee had to pump in extra air in the third period as the students
were sucking a lot of wind about that time.

Also, I don't know yet about the total of the donations on behalf of the
X-ski team, as Amie was off today. If you intended to make a donation and
haven't yet, drop off something on Tuesday to Amie.

Thanks to everyone who played, watched and contributed donations.