Bruce Rafert, dean of the Graduate School, has announced the recipients of this year's DeVlieg Foundation Scholarship awards in the Geology and Mining Engineering and Sciences programs. Master's students will receive an award of $1,500 each, and PhD students will receive an award of $3,000 each.

The master's student is Emily McCarthy, whose advisor is Associate Professor Gregg Bluth (GMES).. The PhD student is Deborah N. H. Beach, whose advisor is Associate Professor John Gierke (GMES). Awards are made to graduate students on the basis of their academic records, the recommendations of their advisors and the value of the award to the students' research and professional development. The Graduate Faculty Council's Rewards and Recognition Committee makes the final recommendations for the awards to the Graduate School Dean. The DeVlieg Foundation seeks to aid and promote education programs and experiences throughout the U.S. Its primary areas of focus are engineering and natural resource conservation, especially those that encourage respect and stewardship of the Earth.

The Graduate Faculty Council and the Dean of the Graduate School reviewed the departmental nominations in October and selected the awardees. Our streak of geostudent awardees continues, with Debbie and Emily receiving awards.

Bill Everham's nomination received an Honorable mention and it was recommended that he receive an award, but due to funding limitations he just missed the money in these awards, however, Bill received a $4000 scholarship this fall from the Grad School.

Congratulations, Bill, and congratulations to our newest DeVlieg winners: Emily & Debbie.

In case you were wondering, for many of these university awards, the review committees factor in refereed publications, proposals submitted, papers given at conferences, competitive workshops attended, and other extraordinary activities, as well as excellence in coursework. Many of the nominations require a CV of the student, and since these are usually announced with a short fuse, it is good practice to have a CV readily available. The internal review committee were Professors Beske-Diehl, Diehl, and Turpening.