Tech Doctoral Students Funded for Iceland Volcanology Conference

Rüdiger Escobar Wolf

Emily McCarth

by Alexandra Matiella Novak, GMES PhD student

PhD students Emily McCarthy and Rüdiger Escobar Wolf (GMES) were awarded travel grants to attend the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI) General Assembly Meeting in Iceland this August.

The proposal, "Travel Support for US Volcanology Graduate Students to IAVCEI General Assembly, Iceland August 2008" co-authored by Professor Bill Rose (GMES), Escobar and Novak (GMES), was awarded $36,000 from the NSF Earth Science Division and $3,600 in supplementary funds from IAVCEI.

Iceland is home to spectacular volcanic landscapes and volcanic hazard zones where people have lived for centuries. IAVCEI General Assembly Meetings are held every four years and have been increasingly successful venues for international scientific cooperation. Students need special support to attend these meetings because the cost is high.

Recipients, 22 graduate students from 10 universities, were selected by a committee of US volcanology professors, convened by the American Geophysical Union, including Rose, who acted as chair.

This is the third time Rose has received NSF support for student travel to IAVCEI meetings. "Volcanology is a small field, so it's not very often that we can get together to compare experiences and initiate collaborative research," he said. "Besides, Iceland itself has a lot to teach us."

Besides presenting papers at the general assembly, the students will also attend workshops and field trips all over Iceland. See for more information about the conference.



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