SeaWiFS Processing: SeaWiFSMAP

SeaWiFSMAP is image processing software developed by Richard P. Stumpf and Varis Ransibrahmanakul at NOAA. It is a modification of SeaDAS, an analysis package developed specifically for SeawiFS imagery. (For a short SeaDAS tutorial, click here.

SeaWiFSMAP is identical to SeaDAS in most aspects of image processing, with a few important modifications:

*SeaWIFSMap uses a USGS map for georectification, which allows co-georegistation with AVHRR imagery (which is rectified using USGS referencing).

*SeaWiFSMAP uses a revised atmospheric correction procedure, tuned for lacustrine instead of ocean environments.

The table below lists the output channels of SeaWiFSMAP; more channels are added periodically:
SeaWiFSMAP Output Channels
Channels Products
1 412 nm
2 443 nm
3 490 nm
4 510 nm
5 555 nm
6 670 nm
7 Coastal Chlorophyl
8 OC2 Chlorophyl
9-13 Used as calculation "sites" for other channels

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