Research and Current Projects


Keweenaw Interdisciplinary Transport Experiment in Superior is a five year program supported by the Ocean Sciences Division of the National Science Foundation.


Episodic Events-Great Lakes Experiment focuses on the transport of biological, chemical and geological materials along the coast of the Great Lakes, and what processes effect this transport. This project is sponsered by the EPA as part of the GLNPO division, and NOAA as part of GLERL.

Remote Sensing of Lake Properties- visible and thermal infrared remote sensing, lake optical properties, scientific data visualization, and numerical modeling.

October 1996-August 1998. Project: Toxicity, ecological impact, monitoring, causes and public awareness of Microcystis blooms in Lake Erie. MTU PI for two-year, multi-institution project whose focus was understanding the causes and effects of toxic Microcystis blooms in the lower Great Lakes.

May 1991-October 1996. Project: Evaluating the impacts of zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) on Great Lakes water quality using satellite remotely sensed data.

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