March 20, 1997

Ice Observations of Marquette Area Provided by Marlene

all along the rock cut area, the ice has remained pretty much the same over the last few days, thick, white and extending out until almost forever. closer to the power plant, the water is free flowing . there are large veins of water current throughout the ice, covered by a thin transparent layer lower harbor remains socked in, making the ice fishermen and women very happy. from lower harbor breakwall to a few hundred feet past mccarty's cove lots of broken ice pieces in pile ups, except that they are all formed nicely in rows parallel to the shoreline. huge mounds ( about 4' tall 6' long) of ice pieces have formed. only 3 of these creatures were in sight. at the picnic rocks area, it appears that the pressure ridge has melted down quite a bit and has extended itself almost to the rocks. there are still ice formations there that have not moved in weeks. looking to the horizon, there is a pattern of rows of ice that is broken up pieces and flat to semi flat ice somewhat transparent, very much in others. the color scheme and texture here is quite beautiful... the rows of aqua/white inter mixed with steel grey/blue. upper harbor remains ice full, near the power plant the ice has become thicjk enough for people to walk on, except around the steam baths. at presque isle, the ice is pretty much the same a between the breakwalls, looking north you can see the end of the ice ice floe, as water boarders its edge.