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Human activities (such as the intensive use of fossil fuel, urbanization, deforestation, agricultural expansion or intensification) have been imposing significant perturbations to the atmosphere. I am interested in a wide range of research topics in global environmental change, especially the interactions among climate, atmospheric chemistry, ozone and aerosol air quality, land use/land cover and biosphere-atmosphere exchange.

Our current research focus on the following topics:

v  Interactions among climate, atmospheric chemistry, air quality, and land use/land cover

v  Impacts of global change on atmospheric chemistry and long-range transport of air pollution

v  Anthropogenic perturbations to the atmosphere and implications for environmental sustainability

v  Atmosphere-biosphere interactions, especially in the context of global change

v  Impacts of aerosols on the global hydrological cycle


Our research heavily involves the development and application of the GEOS-Chem global chemical transport model.


For example, we investigated the potential effects of changing anthropogenic emissions and climate on tropospheric ozone and ozone air quality in the United States. It is demonstrated that the changes in anthropogenic emissions outside of the United States impose another challenge by enhancing the hemispheric transport of air pollution and hence background ozone in the United States. We also found that the future climate change can degrade the U.S. ozone air quality by affecting the air pollution meteorology such as temperature and ventilation. The following plots shows the simulated surface ozone for present-day as well as the effects from changes in anthropogenic emissions and climate. More details can be found in Wu et al., [2008].






For a list of the publications related to the above research directions, check out our publications.