Traverse Bays

Point Louis
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Ancient shorelines
River mouth
Gay Sands Buildup

Old Shorelines
Gay Sands
Big Traverse
Some Yooper Beach--Big Traverse
Finnish Fishermen of Lake Superior
 Keweenaw Buffalo Reef

The Grand (or Big) and Little Traverse Bays are beautiful, historic, geologically significant places on Keweenaw Bay.  They are located N and S of Point Louis, a Sandstone Headland.  Inland is Rice Lake, and between are many raised shorelines. On the Keweenaw Bay (leeward of the prevailing NW winds), both beaches are low energy white sand beaches, although at Grand Traverse the Gay Sands have claimed the beach to the N of the breakwater.

This is a prime place for observing beach and wave phenomena, for offshore bars and for raised shorelines (see below).

Little Traverse


Grand Traverse

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