Keweenaw Rift, Lavas, Copper

This is a lecture about the Keweenaw Rift its lavas and copper.  It is a long download and then a long, 70 minute slog through basic geology, illustrated with photos and diagrams from the world of Earth Science.  It is intended for a general audience of people interested in basic science and Earth history. Before you go outside and look for/at these places, knowing what they have taught the human community about the earth may be useful. The lecture was made in 2009, so it is slowly becoming old, as I am....

Vesicle Sheets in the Lake Shore Traps, Silver Island
GeoElements of Michigan’s Keweenaw:
Lavas    Sandstone    Fault    Glaciers    Lake

Keweenaw Geoheritage:

How the rock connects us