Glaciers Trip Details
Keweenaw Geoheritage Field/Boat Trip--
July 22, 2017

July 22 Keweenaw Glacial Geology   
This trip is to see the glacial deposits of the Keweenaw and to understand the glacial history of the area. The Keweenaw was recently covered with more than two miles of ice, and the evidence for this is abundant, and all around us. We will visit local glacial features such as the esker near Mandan, moraine near Copper City and Calumet, glacial outwash in Hancock and Allouez, glacial grooves, erratic boulders, kettle lakes and kame terraces, using the boat traverses to see many of these features from the water. The glacial history and how the lake has evolved since glacial retreat has had a strong influence on our landscapes. Click on Green words below for more content.

What’s included:  Van and Boat transport and lunch. No overnight costs covered. Vans may be joined in Houghton one hour before the meeting time and transport back to Houghton from the end point each day is available to those who want/need it.

Visiting Expert:  Dr Robert Regis
7:30 am: meet at Boulder Garden, take vans to Lower Entry stop briefly at places near Chassell.
8:30 am: Board Agassiz at Lower Entry, visit Engineered and Natural Channels, Sturgeon River Delta, Pilgrim River Delta, cross Keweenaw Fault, traverse the Portage Waterway, through the campus kame terrace.
At Houghton an inferred cross fault may have guided the channel westward, through the Portage Lake Lavas to the Copper Harbor Conglomerate and Nonesuch Shale. Then the channel turns North, passing Coles Creek and several moraines to the North Entry. 
11 am: Dock at Lily Pond, Lake Annie and Gravel Quarry. (short walk)
12-1 pm Erosion and Beach stones at McLain St Park.
2:15 pm: Mandan Esker. Walk to Esker (~0.3 miles (0.6 RT) small relief change)
4:00  pm: Copper City Moraine and Mohawk/Quarry and Allouez Gap/Bumbletown.
5:30 pm:Ice Cream

What to bring:  Several layers for wind and cold conditions, possible rain? But it could be warm also! Strong sneakers or light hikers for shoes. Camera! Good spirits. Questions.