Houghton Water Supply



Geologists are frequently involved in water issues, especially when groundwater is used, as it is in Houghton. Every citizen should take interest in water, because we depend on it.

The source for Houghton’s water is the submerged delta of the Pilgrim River, which is buried under stampsand mining wastes.  The city’s wells go through the stampsands into the delta sands.  Groundwater infiltrates  from a catchment mostly to the South into the ground where it is filtered by the delta sands and then pumped to the surface into a pumphouse.  From there it is pumped and stored in watertowers like the one above the city where the grooves are located. Overall there is a complex water supply network that distributes the water and ensures its quality.


Water is mined with a pump--from the ground


Wellhead protection area

for Houghton Water


Why is groundwater better than taking water from the lake?

Is shallow groundwater safe to drink?

How long does it take for water to infiltrate into the ground and then get pumped out again?