Glacial Outwash deposits are a huge resource--a gift from the glacial past.

Outwash from Icelandic glacier, May 2010 (Stromboli online).

Sand and Gravel

            Yearly needs of sand and gravel


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               Outwash Terraces

Outwash terraces are very useful to us.  They provide sand and gravel resources in quarries.  And they can be sites for landfills.  Examples in the Keweenaw are the Hancock Quarry, Lake Annie and Mohawk Sand & Gravel Quarries.



Northwest-looking oblique aerial photograph of the stagnant terminus of Rendu Glacier, Fairweather Range, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, showing a braided outwash plain fan delta that originates from a subglacial stream on the west side of the glacier.