Caledonia and Adventure Mines

These mines, both open to public through consessions exploited three mineralogically fascinating flow top horizons called the Knowlton, Butler and Evergreen Lodes. The Caledonia Mine operated beginning in 1863 and then had several brief periods of operation until 1958. It is now kept open for collecting mineral specimens.  One specimen of native copper weighed 3000 lbs, and native silver, datolite, calcite, epidote and adularia are also collected here and sold. The Adventure Mine was active from 1851-1923.  The Mass Mine, a much larger venture is located between the Adventure and Caledonia, but is not accessible underground.

Like almost all of the mining locations of the Copper Country, the Adventure was opened on existing prehistoric excavations located on Adventure Bluff. These prehistoric workings date to about 5,000 years before the present-day and were very extensive. The mine consisted of five shafts; four were inclined at 45 degrees to follow the ore body and one was vertical. The deepest of these shafts, the No. 3, contained 13 levels and extended down 1300' following the ore body.

Both mines offer great mine access experiences and a chance to collect.