Bumbletown is a site with conglomerate dumps exposed, where you can observe the rhyolite and basalt cobbles and pebbles which occur in the interflow conglomerates. The rhyolite is more abundant than the occurrence of rhyolite with the Portage Lake Formation would suggest, so there must have been more rhyolite present in the eastern terrains before it was eroded away.

Going to the summit of Bumbletown Hill is worth a trip, because you can see Isle Royale if it is a clear day.  You can also see exposures of the  slabby pahoehoe flow tops on the glacially smooth surface looking NE, toward the Cliff Mine and Seneca and NE of the communication towers. The view here is of the Allouez Gap, sloping down an outwash surface.  It is also the headwaters of the Hills Creek Sands, shed to Lake Superior from Ahmeek.

Interflow conglomerate boulder

The Paul Bunyan Rocker from Bumbletown taken in the 1950s. --From Rob Wetton and Pasty.com

Allouez #1 Shaft