Bare Bluff
Scales Creek Flow
Bare Bluff
Keweenaw Fault

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One of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Keweenaw, Bare Bluff is an intrusive rhyolite plug. It is reached by a circular path which branches about 0.4 mi from the parking spot.  Go left if you wish to take the shorter and less arduous route or right if you want to charge up your juices a bit traversing a wet and steep sloping area with amazing flora and see one of Earth’s great collections of liverworts.

Then we you arrive at the viewpoint, enjoy the view of Keweenaw Pt and Bete Grise, the Fault below you and peregrine falcons.

Bare Bluff from S


By William F.  Cannon and Suzanne W. Nicholson

Several small extrusive rhyolite domes occur in the stratigraphic interval above the Bohemia Conglomerate. Ashfall units are found locally at the base of the domes. Stratigraphically below the Bohemia Conglomerate are several intrusive rhyolite bodies which either cut across basalt flows or form sills between flows. Some may be feeders to overlying rhyolite domes. Geochemically these intrusive and extrusive rhyolites are high silica and are termed Type I (Nicholson, 1992). They are typically sparsely porphyritic with small plagioclase and quartz phenocrysts. Near the town of Copper City, a single intrusive body of rhyolite is distinguished from Type I by the presence of coarse phenocrysts of quartz and feldspar and compositions similar to barren topaz rhyolite. This has been termed Type II rhyolite (Nicholson, 1992).