Utah National Parks Geology
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Course Basics


Undergraduates (GE2900) receive three lower-division semester credits.
Professional teachers receive 4 graduate semester credits (GE5130).  Teachers will design a unit plan based upon their field course experience.

Class Size:

The class is limited to 20 students; there will be one professor and one experienced graduate instructor


Practicing teachers should enroll for the four-credit graduate version of this course (GE5130). Tuition for four credits is $1,192 (at $298/credit, a special rate for educators). Most Michigan Tech undergraduates will probably want to sign up for the three-credit undergraduate version of the course (GE2900), at the tuition rate that is appropriate for their current classification.

Fees are charged to cover campground costs, transportation, group camping and cooking equipment, all technical equipment and supplies, and instructional materials for the course. The fees for this course will be $550 (in addition to tuition).


Most participants will meet at the Denver airport on June 24th and be returned to the airport on July 11th. Travel during the course will be in two vans (with one cargo trailer for gear)

People flying into Denver need to arrive by 3 PM, June 24th and should book an afternoon/evening flight out of Denver for July 11th. All participants should inform the instructor as to their preferred meeting location (Denver or Houghton -- if Houghton, add two days to each end for driving time) in advance of making formal/final arrangements. See the Syllabus for details.


We have found that participants prefer to eat fast food on the road, and to have occasional special meals while in Moab, Utah or some other towns. The rest of the time, class participants will form small cooking groups in which each person takes turns at preparing meals and at cleaning up.


We provide tents. We also provide camp stoves, lanterns and all the necessary cooking gear. Recommended personal camping gear

Instructional Materials:

The course has an extensive field library. All you will really need to bring are your personal belongings, a day pack, water bottles, and a sleeping bag and pad. We provide a textbook and all course materials. If you have any questions about what to bring, let us know. 

  Updated February 3, 2005