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This course is designed for people who have an interest in geology, and perhaps a college-level course or two, but who would like to see, first-hand, how geologic principles are learned from observations in the field.

The goals of the course are to provide undergraduate students and teachers with meaningful field experiences, and to encourage motivated and well-trained geoscientists to enter the teaching profession.

Development of this course is made possible by support provided by the National Science Foundation, and Michigan Tech's Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences and Summer Programs Office.

Geology of Utah's National Parks makes use of exposures of Pennsylvanian through Cretaceous rocks in southeastern Utah. Five National Parks and Monuments are the sites of investigations conducted during the course.

This site was constructed to provide information about what happens during the course. The syllabus section will give detailed information about the activities on each day of the course. The photo gallery provides geologic overviews and photographs (with captions) of geologic features. You can get to the photo gallery from the syllabus or vice versa so take some time and wander around!

Don't miss your chance to visit Utah's canyon country and learn about geology in the nation's best outdoor classroom.

February 22, 2005