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Michigan Tech Volcanic Students in Guatemala 2007


John Lyons, Greg Waite, Lisa Linville, Rudiger Escobar, Adam Blankenbicker, Jemile Erdem (from left).

This was the widest spot on the ridge and the only good place to secure our gear. Ironically, we lashed everything to a refrigerator-sized volcanic bomb (that probably came from Fuego) so it wouldn't blow away. 

Happy volcanologist 


Greg programing a station with an amazing view along the volcanic front to the west. From La Meseta we could see west to Mexico, east to El Salvador, and south to the Pacific ocean. 

It was dirty work digging holes but we were happy to have the stations installed after a long day. 

Jem enjoys a different side of the volcano in her backyard

Adam shooting azimuths down one arm of the seismic array towards Rudiger.


Don't mess with Peace Corps Guatemala (Adam, Jemile, and John from left). Adam is currently stationed at Santiaguito volcano and Jemile is in Panimache, on the southwestern side of Fuego, where I did my service. 


John, Jemile, and Rudiger soaking up some sun during downtime. 


This family helped us carry car batteries, water, cables, and seismometers. They are from a small town called La Solidad, on the northern flank of Acatenango and have been helping with field work for years. 


View to the north from high up on Fuego's flank, looking down on La Meseta where our sensor array was installed. Notice the person in black on the ridge of La Meseta for scale. 


Beautiful explosion cloud blooming several seconds after initiation. Notice the volcanic bombs around the cloud and mysterious white puffs above the cloud. The following three pictures are from the same explosion.


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