Ehaz Exchange: Adam Durant's semester at

Mcgill University, Montreal, Canada

This page gives a mainly pictorial account of the experiences of Adam Durant on his Ehaz exchange to McGill University during Winter 2006. Adam joined the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department for 1 semester to take a course on Weather Radars and Satellites in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department, and to undertake an internship at the Canadian Meteorological Centre to investigate volcanic cloud dispersal using a newly-developed model and interface (follow "internships" link). John Stix is thanked for hosting both Adam and Marika Dalton during their visit.

Orientation: Montreal and McGill University

Adam Durant on Mont Royal, overlooking downtown Montreal

McGill University in the foreground, located in downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal looking south from McGill gates

Downtown Montreal, looking north towards McGill gates

McGill gates

The Redpath Museum on campus, and Canada's oldest museum

Dynamic architecture

Visit to the Marshall Radar Observatory

Adam took the course in Weather Radars and Satellites (ATOC309) offered through the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department. The highlight of the class was a visit to the J. S. Marshall Radar Observatory to see the guts of a weather radar used operationally for "nowcasting" weather. The radar here is used to watch for features such as mesocyclones or tornadoes, as well as for classifying and measuring rates of precipitation. Radar has also been used to observe clouds generated by explosive volcanic eruptions (e.g. see Bill Rose's publications).

The Marshall Radar Observatory, where radar use in meteorology has been pioneered and developed since the Second World War.

It is about 100 feet to the top

Inside the dome, dodging the rotating 30 foot antenna

Prof. Frederic Fabry lectures us as the radar antenna rotates

Life in the Earth and Planetary Sciences department, McGill

End of year in-house department party

EPS students playing hacky-sac on campus

Adam Durant and Ben Kennedy (PhD 2006!) at the end of year open air pub, when the campus gets a little lively

EPS grads at the Sucrerie de la Montagne, one of the many Cabine � Sucres in Quebec that open during maple syrup (sugaring) season.

Rolling toffee sticks

EPS grads and others after a HUGE breakfast.

Distractions and attractions!


The Royal Montreal Curling Club, specials for McGill students on Sundays.

The McGill Redmen play hockey at McGill's stadium

Husky racing through Quebec City at the winter carnival, February 2006

Skating on Parc LaFontaine's frozen lake

Skiing Mont St. Anne with the St. Lawrence River in the background.

Jean-Talon market, great for fresh produce

Montmorency Falls, Quebec, just outside of Quebec City in May 2006